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Because I tend to rant about everything, and everyone, in my life I have to keep this private ;)
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A pregnancy pact, say what?! Every time I read/watch the news there's always something new and bizarre that just proves our morals have been flushed down the toilet.

And! The media wants to blame it on movies like Juno. If you are stupid enough to believe that having a baby is all fun and games then you are really and truly an idiot. I just don't get what young people these days are thinking. If they really are watching movies and TV shows about young people having babies and thinking, "Oh, gee! Wouldn't that be fun?!" Then going out and getting pregnant on purpose...there's a lot that needs to be done about the way kids are being raised these days.

It's such a disappointment. And it scares me to death to think about what future my kids and their kids will be doing.
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Wow, so this is how we decide who's going to run our country? Really?

And you know damn well that little ol' housewives are like, "OH DEAR! This presidential candidates wife makes these LOVELY brownies, I think..yes, I think I will vote for him!"

Absolutely pathetic.
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It's thundering, I'm scared of bad weather.
Plus, I have to go to work at 5.
It's 3:54.
I have to leave 4:35.
That doesn't give the weather very much time to clear up.
I hate driving in the rain.

Tonight is the first night I've worked at Pizza Shack.
...and the owner's work tonight.
I'm petrified I'll mess up.
Jeremy assures me Mr. Tony will like me.
But how do I know that???

The pressure.

I'm nervous.
And I hate being nervous.
I also hate admitting I'm nervous.
And I guess I'm not quitting LJ after all.
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Cribs on mute is the best way to watch it.
They talk too much.. the houses are hot though.
I wish I could be that rich.
If I was that rich I'd have a badass house.
You know what's my dream honeymoon?
To go to Spain for a week.
That would be beautiful.

Yeh, I got sidetracked for about an hour.
So I pretty much lost my train of thought from earlier.

In that time I have stumbled across a ton of drama I don't really know if I feel like being apart of, realized that I do have pretty great friends and someone told me that one of the teachers I thought hated me actually said something good about me.
This is what was said:
Stacey: that you were way smarter than most people gave you credit for--and that she can see you doing exceptionally well at UL.
That really made me happy.
It made me feel like I can do well in school.
Sometimes I doubt myself.

Today's Valentine's Day.
How did it go?
Exceptionally great, actually.
So I thought he only got me the pack of gum, which in itself was sweet.
Inside thing
But when he surprised me with the perfume, it was great.
Haha, I saw the fireworks ;)
Laying with him in bed all day and watching TV and half way falling asleep and occasionally kissing him was great, too.
Watching him run around outside chasing Blaze was so.. homey.
I can't even explain how all of it makes me feel.
HAH. See what you get for trying to slap me in the face, you fall off the swing :)

One day I'll have 2394723 pictures.
That's after I go buy a digi camera.
I just.. keep not doing it.

I need to go change the oil in my car.
I completely forgot this morning.
I shall do that tomorrow after school.


Ever since I found you,
Seems like everyday I’ve been happy,
See the way you love me,
Turns me out,I can feel my heart beat,
Seems like lately I’ve been thinkin’,
Feelin’ that you are everything,
Feels like more and more,
I’m hoping that you are the only

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